Stephan Burchardt was born in Goerlitz, Germany in 1983. He found his cinematic footing as a child playing around and shooting with his grandmother’s analogue camera.

He turned his attention to a more scholarly approach to the craft. Completing an apprenticeship as a media artist after graduating Highschool. Because of several internships at ARRI, laboratory Schweiz, MCA Light and Grip, Panasonic HD Service he was able to gather a lot of experience at a young age and started already working in the industry as an 1st AC, camera operator and digital imaging technician.

Stephan continued to build his knowdlege at the Film and Fernsehakadmie Mitteldeutschland before moving on to attend the reknown Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

In 2006 he officially started working as a DoP for various TV and feature films. At this time he was able to truly showcase and hone his unique voice. Stephan won the “Deutsche Kamera Preis” (German Cinematography Award) for the series Conrad in 2011 and received the „Kodak Camera Award“ for his works in 2012.

He successfully completed his studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg with a degree in cinematography in 2013 while already having an enormous body of work.

Stephan shot a couple of feature films like Stung, House without a Roof, Olympia 1936, and a bunch more. In 2016 he has done several campaigns of visually enthralling work for TRIVAGO, WWF and the sports brand FILA. Recently he shot five personal stories for Japanese car brand LEXUS.

Today, he is represented by the well-known agency „BITE Management

and works around the globe as a freelancer DoP and photographer for established commercial agencies and production companies.